UK Aufguss Championships 2024 - Galgorm Resort 22nd-24th April 2024


We are  thrilled to announce Galgorm in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as the  venue for the second UK Aufguss Championships.


The award-winning hotel and spa, set in 450 acres of parkland, has one of the largest capacity saunas in the UK and is therefore perfectly set up to host competitive Aufguss. What’s more, Galgorm is home to the UK Aufguss Champion Pavel Poliacek who honed his skills in their Celtic Sauna. Representing the UK for the first time on an international stage in 2023, he now ranks 32nd in the world.


Show Aufguss brings theatre to the sauna experience


Show/performance Aufguss allows you to be immersed in a story created by a Aufguss or Sauna Master, who is free to use their imagination, passion, and creative influences such as music, lighting and infusions to take their guests on a journey filled with theatre, seriously impressive towel techniques and often unexpected surprises.

Over the course of 10-15 minutes, different scents erupt from the sauna stones. The resulting steam and aromas are captured by a towel or fan and skilfully circulated by the sauna master and its heat delivered – caressingly or shockingly – over the bathers on the surrounding benches. As the steam condenses on the skin, it gives bathers a quick but pleasurable heat sensation. The heat, aroma and drama build throughout the performance for a wellness experience that is as electrifying as it is relaxing.

On the continent where the World Championships have been enjoyed for over a decade, some performance saunas have been built to accommodate up to 200 bathers. Rebelling against a trend for wellness experiences that are individual or private, Aufguss revives a past where the sensorial and social are combined for healing and wellbeing.

For an experience usually associated with relaxation, themes in performance Aufguss can be surprisingly heavy hitting. Last years’ winners at the World Championships in Germany regaled bathers with the tale of Nobel, another conveyed the architectural wonder of Florence, Italy.

Do you have what it takes to be crowned the next UK Aufguss Champion?!


Step into the sizzling world of steam and take part in this year’s Aufguss event.

Ready to turn up the heat and make a splash in the sauna scene? Sign up now and let your  Aufguss adventure begin. Don’t miss your chance to shine in the steamy spotlight!

This fun and inspiring event is a perfect opportunity to show of your Sauna Master skills, learn new tricks, connect with other Sauna enthusiasts and learn from the world’s leading Aufguss Masters.

Entries for participants are open until February 29th 2024


Team Entry Link:


Single Link:


Check out last years Championships here


Day 1 – A spectacular opening from Aufguss veteran Lay Pang Ong, World Class performances from Eliska Blazkova and Robert Zidek, and Single Competitors.


Day 2 – Another day filled with team performances from Eliska Blazkova and Robert Zidek, second day of single competition and team.

Key Elements to a Show Aufguss


Step into the sizzling world of steam and take part in this year’s Aufguss event.


Professionalism & overall impression

Being prepared from start to finish


Increase and distribution of heat

Controlling the increase of heat and skilfully moving the steam to the guest


Waving techniques

Using a combination of classic and show techniques with smooth transitions.


Fragrances used and dosage

Selected specifically essential oils and infusions to enhance the theme of the Aufguss show


Theme, implementation and show elements

Individual style and creativity combing  all included elements and props to bring to life the story and theme


Emotions, creativity and atmosphere

Music, sounds and light used to compliment the mood and atmosphere they wish to create


Team spirit (only considered for the team)

Working in unison throughout the performance with flow and synchronicity

International Champions Supporting UK Aufguss

Lasse Erikson


Vice President & Jury Member Aufguss VM, Head of Norwegian Sauna Association

Lay Pang Ong


6 x Danish National Champion, Vice President Danish Sauna Association, Aufguss VM Jury member and mentor

Robert Zidek


Singles Aufguss World Champion 2024, Czech National Champion 2019 & 2023

Eliska Blazkova


Czech National Champion, Team and Single. 2nd place Team Aufguss World Champion 2022

How to book


Day passes to Galgorm thermal village and to watch the Aufguss performances cost £85 per person. Accommodation and Aufguss packages start from £180 for two people.


Day passes can be booked at for £85 and include:


–  Access to the Thermal Spa Village

–  Access to 4 Aufguss performances

– Lunch in spa café, Elements


Overnight stays can be booked by calling 028 258 82554 quoting UK Aufguss Championships.


Packages include:


– Overnight accommodation (£160 for a room or 1 bedroom cottage, £366 for a 2 bedroom cottage)Access to the Thermal Spa Village

– Full Irish breakfast

– Access to the Aufguss performances for a day is an additional cost of £20 per person