Where it all began

Using nature as our inspiration Anada has a pioneering approach to creating complete spa experiences with an emphasis on Wellbeing.


So many studies show that we respond to the great outdoors in extremely positive ways that boost our wellbeing. Our brains have time to switch off and rebalance, while exposure to natural light raises our self-esteem and improves our mood.


Guests choose a themed Anada experience that will transport them to tranquil forests and serene coastlines, harmonious meadows and refreshing rivers, to capture a sense of escape with soundscapes, aromas, textures, and rituals delivered in thermal facilities and next level face and body treatments.

Meet the founder


Anada means ‘spirit’ and I like to think of this unique offering as a means of gently reviving every part of your wellbeing from the inside out. The concept was borne out of my passion for the great outdoors and an ingrained love of exceptional authentic spa experiences. With years of worldwide spa and wellness expertise, UK lead for Auguss  I wanted to a solution that brought the many benefits of outdoor with thermal and  spa experiences to create a  complete sensory relaxation. My vision was to create a journey that invigorates the mind and rejuvenates the soul. Spa, wellness and nature fuse together to create something breathtakingly different.


Deborah Carr, founder of Anada.

Protecting our inspiration


Anada is on a genuine journey to be a sustainable and ethical brand, and take pride in the quality, ethical and environmental responsibility of our products and treatments


  • Formulated from natural and responsibly sourced botanicals, herbs and essential oils, with no harmful chemicals
  • Ingredients sourced responsibly, locally where possible and from Fairly Traded Women’s Cooperatives around the world
  • High percentage of organic ingredients
  • All our products are suitable for vegetarians, and most are suitable for vegans
  • Entirely cruelty free.
  • No synthetic fragrances or colours
  • No palm oil
  • No silicones
  • No parabens, petrochemicals, harsh foaming agents
  • No GMO
  • We have sourced high quality, sustainably produced biopolymer bottles; they are recyclable, do not cause deforestation, are made from renewable raw materials, and do not increase atmospheric CO2.

Committed to making Wellbeing matter


Our pledge for 2023 is to provide human and financial support to charities, organisations and foundations with a mission of improving the mental and physical health and wellbeing of the community by educating and encouraging people to spend time in nature and benefit from our beautiful blue and green spaces


To Fulfil this mission 1% of the sales revenue will be used to support organizers of various events

Anada for your Spa

Offer your guests immersive outdoor inspired experiences that capture the recognised wellness benefits of nature that people are increasingly seeking out from spa experiences. Put yourself and your spa business front and centre by offering a genuine and authentic approach to health and wellbeing.
Anada Therapies

Anada Products

Our collection of wellbeing body products authentically encapsulates each landscape. Each one takes you on a journey that appeals to the senses and brings your favourite outside space inside, allowing you to create your very own sanctuary.