Aufguss and Sauna Master Training

Learn how to create the theatre of Aufguss sauna infusions and detoxifying steam rituals that create the unique sensory experiences of Thermotherapy treatments. This educational and skills training provides the practical knowledge and understanding to create unique positive wellness experiences for your guests.

Thermotherapy is ideal for creating group guest experiences, delivering wellness benefits and is the perfect solution for guests who prefer not to have hands on therapies.

Aufguss Master Qualification - 3 Days


The full certification program ensures emerging Sauna Masters will leave with the confidence, knowledge and expertise to create their own Aufguss programs.


Course includes equipment for Aufguss which includes –


This course begins with a Theory section in which the new Sauna Masters gain knowledge in all areas of

  • Basics of Sweat bathing cultures
  • Science and benefits of Sauna
  • Health and safety protocols
  • Elements of a Sauna ritual
  • Aufguss equipment


Sauna masters will then move on to put the Theory into practise with

  • Understanding Towel techniques
  • Classic and Traditional Waving
  • Transitions and Flow
  • Creating a Aufguss moment


4th  –  6th June Training


8th  –  10th October Training


3rd  –  5th December

Advanced Sauna Master - 3 Days


Get ready to take your sauna skills to the next level with this Advanced course lead by  Aufguss VM World Champion, Robert Zidek and Czech team and single Champion Eliska Blazek

This hands-on 3 day training workshop is designed for passionate Sauna Masters who want to become true experts in the art of Sauna Rituals and Show Aufguss.

The course will include training in advanced towel skills, such as one handed show techniques, throwing and catching, transitions and routines. A workshop on your Show Aufguss theme to gain valuable insights and discover the secrets to creating the ultimate show Aufguss performance, as well as working with essential oil blending and smoke rituals

Perfect for practising Sauna Masters and participants of the UK Aufguss Championships.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with fellow Sauna Masters and expand your knowledge in a beautiful setting.

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25th  –  27th March

For the Love of Sauna Workshop - 1 Day


A fun and educational workshop suitable for Spa Managers, Front of House, Spa Hosts and Marketing Teams


Workshop covers,

  • Understanding wellness benefits of Thermotherapy
  • Maximizing your Thermal assets
  • Scheduling and managing a Thermal program
  • Marketing and promotional resources


Suitable for up to 6 participants