What is an Anada Experience

We offer:


  • Fully accredited training in our Thermal facility treatments with professional products range and onsite training.
  • Fully accredited Face and Body Therapist treatments with professional product range and onsite educational training.
  • Professional and retail product range with educational training.
  • Fully accredited Sauna Master Qualifications.
  • Meet the wellness demands from your clients with our flexible solutions that offer complete business packages and certified qualifications.
  • Works in large and small size business regardless of facilities and sits perfectly alongside existing brands.
Offer your guests immersive outdoor inspired experiences that capture the recognised wellness benefits of nature that people are increasingly seeking out from spa experiences. Put yourself and your spa business front and centre by offering a genuine and authentic approach to health and wellbeing.

Re write your guest Spa Journey where guests can now benefit in a variety of ways from your thermal facilities with our Thermotherapy experiences enjoying an immersive sensory experience of rituals, aromas, lights, sound, and meditation restoring mind and body balance.

Our immersive face and body treatments that are inspired by the benefits of outdoor wellness using premium quality products and natural elements straight from their original source. Each treatment creates a peaceful sanctuary in its own unique way, creating a sense of escape with the aromas, textures and sounds authentic to tranquil forests, uplifting coast lines, soft calming meadows or refreshing rivers.
Anada offers businesses a fresh opportunity to maximize the blueprint of any Spa and open the door to a previously untapped revenue sources as you deliver immersive nature inspired Spa and wellness experiences that improves your guest’s wellbeing form their first visit

Flexible packages allow your Spa to deliver Anada Wellbeing experiences regardless of size or facilities and had been created to sit perfectly alongside existing brands
Our philosophy brings the opportunity to experience the benefits of outdoors inside which is an excellent solution for properties without Spa gardens.

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