Make this the season of wellness and joy

At Anada we like to hang onto that Autumn feeling for as long as possible before switching into festive mode. For us it all starts at in earnest on the first Monday in December – I love the idea of starting the Christmas activities and prep on a Monday, leaping into a new week feeling anything is possible and positive about the days ahead, we also like getting the big jobs done on a weekday  to leave the weekend free to enjoy the fruits of  my labour, nothing better than sitting back on a Sunday and taking a moment to give yourself a little pat on the back for all the tasks achieved over that week.

As I sprinkle sparkle and magic around the house this year, I will be including my bathroom, I will be wrapping red berries around my towel ladder, adding extra candles, and adding a gorgeous bowl of pinecones soaked in essential oils. These simple touches give a simple nod to the time of year and the natural elements help me keep connected to nature. Like wellbeing, the great thing about ‘Festivising’ your bathroom you can go as far as you like, it may be a little nod or a full on grotto – it really is up to you…

My routine is very much a tale of two halves at this time of year, on those chilli dark mornings I use my bathroom ritual to wake up, revitalize and reenergize. I always have River body wash to hand in the shower, the fresh uplifting aromas of wild mint and nettle help to wake my skin and mind, and when I am feeling really brave turn the shower to cold for the last 30 seconds for that icy blast to leave my skin feeling tingly and alive.  Evenings are a slower pace where I want to feel rewarded and comforted, I try to at least once a week make time for a special festive ‘silent night’ bath time ritual, my robe and towel are draped over the radiator so they are snuggly and warm to step into after soaking in a cocoon of body soak bubbles from the Forest collection, using Cedarwood and Patchouli  the woody earthy aromas are perfect to ground and balance after busy days present buying, I ask a well-known helper to play Spa music or sounds of the forest while I relax in the  candle light and breath in the soothing  aromas.

Even though I am not a huge lover of the winter even I appreciate how beautiful the inky starry nights are at this time of year and will take advantage of the dark nights with an early evening walk, a great time to put the phone away, breath in that crisp night air, rosy the cheeks and look at all the pretty Christmas lights and decorations, even better when you come home to a warming  glass of mulled wine!

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