Igniting the Heat: The Spectacular World of Aufguss Show

While the traditional sauna rituals and experiences holds its own wonderful charm, Show Aufguss takes this centuries-old practice to an entirely new level.

The Aufguss show is not your typical sauna experience.

This carefully choreographed performance that transforms the sauna into a stage. Trained Sauna Masters take centre stage, infusing water with essential oils and using highly skilled and specialized techniques to distribute the resulting steam. Incorporating music, props, lights and story to create an immersive experience that engages all the senses, creating an intricate dance of scent, heat, and theatricality.

The Aufguss VM Championships: A Global Celebration of Mastery

The Aufguss VM Championships bring together the world’s most skilled Aufguss masters  in a competition that combines artistry, precision, and a deep understanding of the sauna ritual. Held annually, this prestigious event showcases the diversity and creativity within the world of Aufguss. Competitors from 16 countries vie for the title, bringing their unique styles and interpretations to the stage.

The scoring process for the Aufguss VM Championships is a meticulous affair that evaluates multiple facets of the performance. Judges consider the use and precision of essential oil distribution, the creative choreography of the show, use of towel techniques and the overall impact on the audience. Each element is meticulously scored, ensuring that the champion truly embodies the artful fusion of ritual and performance that defines the Aufguss show.

In a groundbreaking event, the UK hosted its first-ever Aufguss Championships, held at Rudding Park in April 2023 this event marked a huge milestone in the global recognition of this art form. The competition brought together Sauna enthusiasts and emerging Sauna Masters from across the country, highlighting the growing popularity of this unique blend of sauna tradition and modern performance.

New Kid on the block!

The UK’s inaugural Aufguss Championships witnessed astounding success, with participants showcasing a diverse array of skills and creativity. The event not only celebrated the mastery of Sauna and Aufguss but also fostered a sense of community among sauna lovers. The success of this competition underscores the increasing appreciation for the art of Aufguss on a global scale. The UK Champion, Pavel Poliacek went on to compete in the world finals and is now ranked 32nd in the world.

As the UK begins to immerse ourselves in the captivating world of show Aufguss and championships, it becomes evident that this art form is a celebration of tradition, innovation, and the boundless creativity and passion of our emerging Sauna Masters. Whether experienced on a global stage or within the walls of a local sauna, Aufguss shows continue to redefine the boundaries of sauna culture, captivating audiences, and enthusiasts alike. As this art form continues to flourish, we can anticipate more exhilarating performances, championships, and a growing global community embracing the extraordinary marriage of heat and artistry.

Check out the UK Championships highlights here

Day 1 – A spectacular opening from Aufguss veteran Lay Pang Ong, World Class performances from Eliska Blazkova and Robert Zidek, and Single Competitors


Day 2 – Another day filled with team performances from Eliska Blazkova and Robert Zidek, second day of single competition and team.


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