Everything you need to know about experiencing Anada at home.

We have answered the frequently most asked questions, however, if you have a specific question that has not been answered, then please do not hesitate to contact the team on [email protected]

Superior calibre therapists will look after you and your friends to create a thoroughly immersive body treatment in your home. We’ll soon be able to offer our experiences in your holiday escape or provide sessions at work to enhance the wellbeing for all of your team. If you choose our Spa at home, two therapists can provide the perfect experience for you and up to three friends. If you’d like to share with more friends, that’s perfect, just let us know when you book so we can provide the right amount of therapists to make sure you have the most attentive experience.
It’s easy. Fill in our online booking form and we’ll get back to you or give us a call. Full payment is required at time of booking.
Our therapists will spend 3 hours with you guiding you through a mix of group activities, relaxation and individual therapy time. Your individual experience lasts for 45 minutes.
Ideally you will need enough comfortable seating for you and your guests with an additional private space for treatments.
After booking we’ll be in touch and send you an email asking you to fill out our ‘Choosing your treatment’ form. This will need to be completed 10 days before your session. This will enable us to choose the best experience for you. If you book with less than 10 days to go, this is fine, we’ll need this information from you once you’ve booked your session. It is an essential part of the Anada experience, which you will benefit from.
It costs £150 per person, minimum party of 4.
Your therapist/s will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the treatment start time in order to introduce themselves and set up.
We’re based in Yorkshire and the North East, but we have plans to expand nationwide as we grow our business. If you require our service in another location in the UK, please contact us as we will work with you to make it happen. It will be subject to availability of our specialist therapists.
After you first Anada experience you will automatically become a part of Club Anada. This membership will offer preferred experience pricing, Anada communications and benefits throughout the year.
Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. All of the session is tailored to meet the needs of our clients inadvance.
We ask for as much notice as possible, with a minimum of 7 days’ notice. Refunds can’t be given to guests who can’t make the booking if they cancel within 7 days of the date.
We have specially adapted our Meadow experience to guests who are pregnant. We believe that this experience combines the best elements to ensure you feel soothed and relaxed. Please note that during the first Trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy it’s not advisable to have a massage at all unfortunately.
We have created our very own raw element inspired sauna/steam ceremonies, earthy mud connections and water therapies. Please contact us for more details.
This event requires nothing more from the host than a jug of water, however there are a few additions that can be made and here are some of our ideas, Some prepared lovely, tasty snacks Seasonally infused water Cosy blankets Candles and tea lights Relaxing music.
Yes, although Anada Away has not launched just yet, we can offer this if our clients request it. Please contact us to make an enquiry and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
Unfortunately, we don’t offer a refund for a cancellation. We are more than happy to offer a date change. Please contact the team if this does occur within 7 days of your session.
If any therapist is unable to perform his/her full engagement due to sickness, injury or any other reason then we will use all reasonable endeavours to fulfil its obligation by providing an alternative Freelance Therapist/s. This may involve the client/guests changing their treatment choice depending on the replacement therapist’s skills. If an alternative treatment is provided, no refund will be given on that treatment. Should any part of the engagement not be fulfilled in its entirety, we’ll deduct on a pro-rata basis the cost of the unfulfilled portion of the engagement.
Please get in touch with the team or visit www.totalspasolutions.com/join-the-team who are our recruitment partner.
We have trained all of our therapists in COVID19 safety rules. Please be assured our team have got this covered in terms of the rules set out by the government regarding transmission, prevention and the best hygiene practices.

Anada At Home experiences

A perfect combination of social relaxation that includes breathwork, grounding and tea huddles alongside a 50-minute body treatment of your choice. Your unique treatment will evoke a sense of relaxation and escape. Choose from either tranquil forest, serene beaches, harmonious meadows or refreshing rivers. Each theme brings its own amazing benefits.
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Our collection of wellbeing body products authentically encapsulates each landscape. Each one takes you on a journey that appeals to the senses and brings your favourite outside space inside, allowing you to create your very own sanctuary.