Powerful Connections

Anada Spirit

Prioritising our own self care has been accelerated over the last 12 months.  With people seeking increased knowledge and information on ways in which to enhance their mental and physical health.

One of the most successful ways in which to achieve feelings of positivity, increased wellbeing and a reduction in the stress hormone, Cortisol has been to spend more time outside.  This has allowed us to appreciate and experience the many recognised benefits nature provides. With many of us having a renewed appreciation of natural surroundings and the powerful positive effects it provides.

The Anada vision

Anada’s unique way of combining wild elements from British oceans, rivers, meadows, and forests, with products packed with natural organic ingredients and essential oils.  With therapist techniques, it brings together the powerful connection of human touch and nature – exclusive to an Anada experience.

The Anada vision is to fuse together the best of nature’s elements with the best parts of a luxury spa feeling to experience in your own private space.

The Anada Journey

Your very own soft velour robe and slippers, providing comfort and a luxury spa feeling are delivered to you in advance of your experience. We love to let our guests feel that spa vibe before two private qualified and professional therapists guide you through your three-hour wellbeing and treatment experience.  Anada is perfect to enjoy in your own private space with loved ones, friends, or colleagues. We want all the positive benefits and feelings from your Anada experience to continue. So together with your robes and slippers we gift you with inspiration, products and some exclusive Anada touches.  Which allows you to create further wellness experiences at home.

It’s really tempting during the colder months to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate, but making the effort to embrace the outside rewards us with a host of benefits. Listening to bird song, taking a coastal walk or feeling the rain on your skin will blow the cobwebs away and lift your spirits

Embrace these feelings further by creating and enjoying a unique journey of your choice with our collection of aromatherapy based Anada Wellbeing products. Take home the aromas of the breeze and trees and hang on to those feel-good feelings with a luxury Forest therapy bath or create a comforting blanket of fresh wildflowers with a warming meadow body cream. If you want a fresh and uplifting glow, the wild mint and nettle in our River therapy balance and reconnect your body and mind.   Why not create your own Staycation with our Beach therapies that are packed with natural anti-oxidants and essential vitamins for a nourishing shot of vitamin sea.

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Your Experience

We’ve created an exciting, three hour wellbeing and sensory experience that brings the beautiful, relaxing benefits of the outdoors into your home. This experience is best shared with you and a minimum of three friends or family members.
Anada Therapies

Anada Product Range

We've designed a range of inspiring and indulgent body products to compliment our four experiences. Each one designed to take you on a journey, appealing to your senses and bring a little bit of the outdoors, inside to create a sanctuary of relaxation in a unique way. All from the comfort of your home.