Finding your own sense of wellness with Anada

Finding your own sense of wellness with Anada

What works for you? I ask this in relation to your sense of wellbeing, your mental health, how you recharge your batteries, because it’s truly different for everyone.

For some people, it may be a matter of getting up at 5am to walk the garden barefoot, while holding your crystals to your heart chakra, while waiting for your hand-foraged seasonal herbal tea blend to brew…

While that works for some people (Gwyneth Paltrow springs to mind!) – and believe me, it does work for some people and that’s great for them, for others it might be something more simple, like a morning run in the park, a keep-fit session in your living room, or a lie-down on the sofa with headphones on and your favourite music playing.

You’re just as likely to find me with a large glass of Merlot as you are to find me in my front room throwing my body around to a HITT session. Both of these activities boost my wellbeing, albeit in different ways. When my kids were little, I did a lot of running, not so much for the fitness factor but to clear my head, listen to music and just ‘be’.

My absolute favourite time to run was in the pouring rain. My husband thought I was bonkers and could not think of anything worse – but this is how I perceive wellness. It’s whatever ticks your boxes and improves your own personal sense of wellbeing.

And it’s this concept that lies behind the Anada brand. We aim to harness the calmness and beauty that can be found in nature and the outdoors, and translate it into experiences, treatments and products within the home.


Bottling the sense of wellness

In creating the Anada brand, we were the first to admit that we’re not professional wellness ‘gurus’ – we haven’t trained in the art of chanting and sound bowls. We’re not trying to be ‘off the wall’ either – but we do value wellness and want to help real people, with real lives, work on their own sense of wellbeing, make it part of their lifestyle, rather than it being seen as another ‘task’ to tick off the list.

My own natural high comes from just being outside and I think there’s nothing better than that rosy-cheeked feeling after a lovely walk.

Some people love a bit of glamour – the thought of a bracing walk through a muddy field doesn’t appeal to all – so we wanted to build a brand that bottles that feeling and makes it accessible to everyone.


Sharing our own experiences

We wanted to combine the benefit of outdoors with the luxury of a spa experience, and so created and developed Anada. We believe nature is a resource that is completely underutilised by so many people. It’s right on our doorstep, and we are surrounded by it regardless of where we live.

I recently watched Nigella Lawson being interviewed and she was very honest about the fact that she’s never been a trained chef – she simply learned to cook because she enjoyed eating nice food!

I loved this honesty, and it actually resonated with me because it’s how I feel about wellness.

If you follow Anada, or have enjoyed an Anada experience, you’ll know that we share some ideas that work for us, things we have seen or done that we believe could bring some benefit to clients.

The therapist team are a font of knowledge, experience and have different wellbeing activities and rituals that work for them. Our aim is to share something that appeals to our clients too and give them the tools and  boosts we all need in life.


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