Welcome from Deborah

Anada means ‘spirit’ and I like to think of this unique offering as a means of gently reviving every part of your wellbeing from the inside out. The concept was borne out of my passion for the great outdoors and an ingrained love of exceptional spa experiences. With years of worldwide spa and wellness expertise, I wanted to combine boutique spa indulgence with complete sensory relaxation. My vision was to create a personalised journey that invigorates the mind and rejuvenates the soul. Spa, wellness and nature fuse together to create something breathtakingly different.

Walks in the countryside with Eddie my dog have always helped me to focus, along with digging deep and introducing pure, yet raw, elements of our wonderful, natural world to improve my sense of wellbeing. We all know the outdoors is incredibly beneficial to our physical and emotional health and by bringing the two together, alongside the five pillars of wellness, I’ve created an unforgettable, natural adventure that I hope you will enjoy.

Deborah Carr, founder of Anada.

A touch of the wild side

Every now and again we all need to reset our mindset and rebalance our body. We wanted to create carefully considered moments, just for you, tailored to your mindfulness.

Our highly trained therapists are specialists in traditional treatments and our new outdoor inspired experiences allow them to use their layers of skills and expertise. Each experience is personalised, so your therapist offers you the very best. Happy to share their knowledge and talk you through every experience, you’ll know exactly what to expect. And we never forget we are guests. We always respect your surroundings like they are our own.

Amazing benefits of the great outdoors

So many studies show that we respond to the great outdoors in extremely positive ways that boost our wellbeing. Our brains have time to switch off and rebalance, while exposure to natural light raises our self-esteem and improves our mood. And, by offering group sessions, we’re promoting social therapy too.

Our wellbeing experiences harness these positive elements and indulge your senses.

Anada At Home experiences

A perfect combination of social relaxation that includes breathwork, grounding and tea huddles alongside a 50-minute body treatment of your choice. Your unique treatment will evoke a sense of relaxation and escape. Choose from either tranquil forest, serene beaches, harmonious meadows or refreshing rivers. Each theme brings its own amazing benefits.
Anada Experiences

Anada Products

Our collection of wellbeing body products authentically encapsulates each landscape. Each one takes you on a journey that appeals to the senses and brings your favourite outside space inside, allowing you to create your very own sanctuary.